BS-5X Pressure change module digital tube
2088 type




Model Selection

Two-wire 4-20mA working method, four LED display.
<UNK> Support range migration, small signal removal, zero zero clearing function.
The sensor constant current constant pressure excitation, suitable for diffusion Silicon, ceramic piezorescence, strain gauge, floating ball liquid level and other sensors.
Industrial temperature range -40 °C ~ 85 °C, import voltage Benchmark, circuit board temperature drift & lt; 35 ppm.
The nonlinear correction function of 3 points eliminates the nonlinear error of the sensor.
The enhanced protection circuit design has as many as 10 protective devices for the entire board. It has a variety of protections such as Overflow, overpressure, and reverse connection, and is more reassuring to use on the spot.
The wide power supply 7.5 ~ 30VDC power supply, the minimum 7.5 V power supply can output 4 ~ 20mA current ring.
Double layer protective housing, display plate screw fixation, seismic structure design.
Single line debugging, full digital calibration, convenient and fast.

Debugging Calibration

The company's for the convenience of customer debugging, supporting professional debugging tools and debugging software. The professional debugging tool has an RS232 interface that can connect to the computer side calibration setting software. You can also work independently without a computer. Can realize the range migration, small signal removal and other functions, convenient for customers to improve production efficiency.

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