BS-5Y Pressure change module liquid crystal
Type 2088
Primary variable zero, active and passive migration function
Multiple unit switching
LCD type
Nonlinear correction of 2 to 5 points




Model Selection

Fully intelligent two-line 4-20mA working method, 5-digit LCD display.
The sensor constant current constant pressure excitation, constant current 0.4 mA, constant pressure 2.5 VDC.
The <UNK> ADC input amplitude is ± 5 MV ~ ± 80 MV, providing 24 bits of kernel resolution and 18 bits of useful bits. The built-in magnification of the circuit board is 12 to 200 times. Support for automatic polarity conversion of sensor signals.
<LOCATION::0> is suitable for diffused Silicon pressure sensors, ceramic pressure sensors.
<UNK> Provides zero primary variable clearance, active and passive migration functions, 19 unit conversions, 6 display modes, display resolution adjustment, restoration of factory data and other functions, suitable for the special needs of various customers.
The nonlinear correction function of 2 to 5 points eliminates the nonlinear error of the sensor.
Full digital calibration, no movable potentiometer, lower temperature drift.
The enhanced anti-interference design is suitable for all kinds of harsh industrial environments.

Flow chart for production use

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