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New BS-6Y LCD watch head listed, powerful

Two-wire passive working method, 5-digit LCD display.

Support 15 units of pressure, temperature, liquid level, current, percentage, etc., 5 display modes.
Support primary variable clearance, display resolution adjustment, restore factory data and other functions, suitable for the special needs of customers.
Full digital calibration, 2 to 5 points of nonlinear correction function, higher accuracy.
With Overflow, overpressure, short connection, and reverse connection protection, even if the load is short-circuited, direct 24V power supply will not be damaged.
Enhanced anti-interference design, suitable for all kinds of harsh industrial environment.
1 Key parameter indicators
Working style: 4 ~ 20 mA passive mode.
Work Pressure Drop: At 4mA & lt; 3.5 V; 20 mA time & lt; 3.8 V;
Display range: -19999 ~ 9999
Current resolution: 1uA
Whole machine accuracy: 0.1 %
Temperature drift coefficient: & lt; 35 ppm
Working environment: temperature -20 ~ 70 °C, humidity & lt; 85 %, dry and non-perishable environment.
Shape size: 65 × 45 × 45mm(height × width × thickness)

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